My mission is to help every woman work with their inner voice--  their TRUE self, and learn to unconditionally love and appreciate every aspect of their lives. 

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I want to thank Sue Ann for all the love and knowledge she shared with me in our session. She’s beyond amazing and she is very precise using her intuition to help us.
I enjoyed every single second of our session and I've experience great results with her guidance.
A session with Sue Ann is definitely a life changing experience.


--Marina Ribeiro--  Brazil




               I had a 30-min session with Sue Ann, and already within this relatively short time she was able to give me really helpful and amazingly

            spot on soul level information! During the session she also guided a transformative, healing meditation where I was able to release some baggage

             I was carrying on my shoulders. After the session I have been going through a massive energy shift, and I'm very grateful to Sue Ann for facilitating

          this healing. I can warmly recommend Sue Ann's services, she truly has a gift of connecting to the higher realms in order to share soul level wisdom. 



                                                                                                                    --Annukka-- Barcelona, Spain





    I had a session with Sue Ann and it was so helpful. She helped me by talking to my higher self and I couldn’t believe how moved I was emotionally. It all made so much sense. I am very thankful for her superpower!


--Kelly Frey-- Wisconsin


Click on the links at the top of this page to find out more, and to contact me